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MotoGP, Pirro: Michelin, safer but slower

"Now they need to stop, the continuous changes complicate bike development"

Pirro: Michelin, safer but slower

Not many riders know the Michelin tyres like Pirro, because the Ducati test rider was involved in their development right from thes tart, as well as using them in the Italian CIV championship, a test bench for the French tyres. The tyres have been the subject of great debate in the paddock, Goubert has talked about them (taking responsibility for what happened to Redding in Argentina) and so has the Italian test rider, substituting for Petrucci with Team Pramac at Jerez.

I already know that the tests completed here in November won't be useful, because the tyres have changed - he explains - This is the biggest problem."

Pirro tells us about his experience with Michelin.

I’ve worked with them for a year, at the start the strong point was the rear while the front was the weak one. But in all the tests we did last year we didn't have any serious problems”, unlike Baz and Redding.

The French tyre manufacturers has decided to change the front tyre to meet the riders' needs.

It's improved but at the same time the rear has worsened - continues Pirro - In addition, the performance has dropped, because the priority has been safety and not speed. Only in Qatar was the race time lower than it has been in the past, while the other races were slower.

It's not only a question of speed, because the continual changes complicate bike development work.

The priority right now is that Michelin make no more changes. It's difficult to develop the bike if the tyres continuously change”, complained the test rider.

Without considering the safety problems that need to be faced, and that don't only regard MotoGP, because in the national championships where Michelin continues to develop its tyres things have not always gone smoothly either; Pirro is proof, though he was able to stop at the first sign of trouble.

There's no shortage of work for the guys in Clermont-Ferrand.

Translated by Heather Watson

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