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MotoGP, Suppo: Marquez wants to stay with Honda

No changes planned for the factory HRC team: "our priority is to continue with him and Pedrosa"

Suppo: Marquez wants to stay with Honda

It seems that finding a place for next season is almost more important than performing during this season. The market opened early and - at least for the big names - will soon close. Rossa was the first to make a move, followed in turn by Lorenzo, with only the official announcement of his transfer to Ducati still to come.

Only Marquez's name was missing from this carry-on. Some weeks ago, the Spaniard stated that he hadn't yet received an offer from Honda but the situation has now changed.

Also because Marc doesn't have many other options to consider, with negotiations with Ducati over before they had begun.

We've started talking to his manager Alzamora regarding the contract renewal, our priority is that he continues with us, and it's the same for him”, confirms Livio Suppo.

Marquez also has another guarantee that no printed paper can provide.

He wanted the bike to be competitive, it's not yet perfect but it has allowed him to win two of three races and he's leading the championship. This is the most important thing”, underlines the Team Principal.

The marriage will continue and it's likely that the same will happen with Pedrosa.

“If Dani continuers to be fast and wants to stay, it would be fine with us - continues the Italian manager - Truthfully, I don't understand this hurry. We're still at the start of the year, with 15 GPs still to run”.

Suppo is not worried about finding a substitute for Pedrosa if things don't go to plan.

I'm calm and there's no deadline right now. I repeat, there's still time”, he concludes.

Translated by Heather Watson

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