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SBK, Pirelli: The SC3 front tyre to debut at Assen

All the tyre solutions available to the production-derived bikes in Holland

Pirelli: The SC3 front tyre to debut at Assen

It's already time to head back to the track, and what a track to host round four of the World Superbikes. For the 25 the year the production-derived bikes will race at Assen, at a track that has long been considered the “University of motorcycle racing”. For the occasion, Pirelli will bring its new front solution from the SC3 range, the hardest option in the SBK DIABLO line.

The new SC3 solution, available for the front and rear,  is the most robust of those on offer. It is therefore used particularly in endurance races or in cases requiring increased resistance and greater durability than that offered by other compounds.

At the front, the SC3 appears to be versatile, offering constant performance. With respect to a SC1, it guarantees greater durability but to the detriment of grip and contact feeling, while if compared with the  SC2 it again offers greater durability but, at the same time, less riding precision. The tyre is also recommended for all those races, including for example the colder European rounds, in which a resistant solution is needed that won't easily tear in the cold

For the Dutch round, and its variable weather conditions, teams will also be able to rely on DIABLO RAIN tyres and DIABLO WET intermediates.   

If it is dry, riders will have four front and four rear solutions to choose from, as well as the rear qualifier. At the front are two development solutions and two from the range. The development tyres include the SC1 S1699, which riders liked in the first three rounds, and the SC2 U0176, which, in terms of compound, comes more or less half way between an SC1 and an SC2 albeit closer to the medium than the soft. The other tyres are the well-known SC2 and, for the first time, the new SC3, the hardest front tyre in the 2016 range.

With regard to the rear, teams can count on the same solutions used at the last round in Spain. Specifically, there is the SC0, the softer solution, suited to slippery tracks and high temperatures as it offers the best grip on slippery surfaces and the best traction in hot conditions.

The second solution is the SC1, with a medium compound half way between the soft and the hard and an excellent alternative to the SC0 when temperatures are too low or the asphalt is particularly abrasive.

The third is the SC1 development tyre, the U0989, which couldn't be fully evaluated by the riders in Spain. The final option is the SC2, the harder solution that is used on abrasive tracks and/or in lower air temperatures.


2016 Pirelli statistics for the Assen TT Circuit

• Track length: 4.542 km

• Race distance: 21 laps / 95.382 km

• Total number of tyres: 4586

• Number of tyres available to each SBK rider: 39 front, 38 rear

• Slick front solutions: S1699, U0176, SC2, SC3

• Slick rear solutions: SC0, SC1, U0989, SC2, QUALIFIER


2015 Pirelli statistics for the Assen TT Circuit

• Total number of tyres brought by Pirelli: 4619

• Number of solutions for the Superbike class (slick, intermediate and rain): 5 front, 7 rear

• Number of tyres available to each SBK rider: 34 front, 37 rear

• Number of solutions for the Supersport class (slick, intermediate and rain): 4 front, 5 rear

• Number of tyres available to each Supersport rider: 22 front, 25 rear

• Superbike Best Lap Awards won by: Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki Racing Team) in 1'35.899 (Race 1, lap 20) and by da Chaz Davies ( Racing-Ducati SBK Team) in 1'35.992 (Race 2, lap 18)

• Supersport Best Lap Award won by: Jules Cluzel (MV Agusta Reparto Corse) in 1’38.184 (lap 15)

• Temperature in Race 1: air 9° C, track 15° C

• Temperature in Race 2: air 13° C, track 20° C

• Maximum speed reached by the Pirelli DIABLO™ Superbike tyres in the race: 303.2 km/h, achieved in Race 2 by Michael Van Der Mark (Pata Honda World Superbike Team) on lap 20

• Maximum speed reached by the Pirelli DIABLO™ Supercorsa tyres in the Supersport race: 263.2 km/h, achieved by Patrick Jacobsen (Kawasaki Intermoto PonyExpres) on lap 16.

Translated by Heather Watson

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