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MotoGP, Iannone: I apologised. Dovi: no comment

Iannone: "I've learned my lesson, it won't happen again". Dovi prefers to look ahead to Austin, "one of the best tracks"

Iannone: I apologised. Dovi: no comment


A few days after the event, how is the situation between the two Andreas as they share the same Ducati roof?

Iannone believes it's all been resolved: “I've made my apologies and Dovi has accepted them. He's a smart person, I've always respected him and know his character. I knew he'd understand, being a rider too”.

Dovi responds with a smile: “we have talked and each of still has his own ideas. Apart from that, no comment”. A sign that all is not forgotten, but that things are moving forward.

Iannone continues to try to justify his actions, “I stayed tight through that turn to avoid an attack from Valentino and I ran onto dirt”. A version that has convinced Lorenzo at least, “it makes some sense”.

This doesn't mean that Iannone is not accepting the blame.

“What happened should never happen again - he admits - I've tried to see the positives and take it as a lesson, as I do from all losses. I don't want to talk more about it, I've already apologised to everyone involved and I've analysed the situation. I don't want to go into everything that happened, but the data shows a different picture from that seen on TV”.

So we turn the page, “even though it's difficult to think about those lost points” says Dovi. The event could also have consequences in terms of Iannone's future in Ducati “but I hope not”, he says.

The team is now at Austin,  a track where speed and acceleration are two of the cards in the Desmosedici's strong hand.

It's a fantastic track and last year I went well - recalls Dovizioso - sensations were good. I feel ready but we need to wait and see because this was a critical track for the Bridgestone in terms of the front tyres so we need to see how the Michelins will behave”.

Iannone also has high expectations.

I just need to stay calm and focused - he explains - We're at a very good level and moving to another track won't cause us to lose our speed. I just have to translate the work into a result".

Translated by Heather Watson

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