SBK, Aragon, Rea: "A positive result, despite everything..."

Despite closing second and third, Johnny doesn't hide his concerns about the Ninja 's new setting


It was, all in all, a positive weekend for Jonathan Rea. The championship leader can only be satisfied with a double podium finish at Motorland. This, despite the grip issues that he and his team have battled with all weekend, without ever managing to get to the heart of the matter.

After Race 1, changes implemented to try to improve rear grip did not bring the expected results, with traction once again troubling the Brit: "It was a difficult race because right from the start I didn't have so much grip at the rear."

A problem that made its presence felt for the duration of the race, especially two laps from the line, when the #1 Ninja went long in braking, allowing Rea's team-mate, following close behind, to move into second: "Two laps from the end as I was setting up the the turn, unfortunately the rear locked and I couldn't control the situation. I was only able to fight for second position, no more." 

It's not so much the final result that is worrying Johnny, his concerns lie elsewhere: "To be second or third isn't the problem, it's being so far from the front. I was struggling in certain areas. We need more time to find the right direction, taking it step by step. Despite everything, the final result is not so bad..."



Translated by Heather Watson

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