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“Stile Ducati”, 90 years of Ducati in a book

Over 150 photos and 336 pages in Italian and English, reliving the history of the Borgo Panigale manufacturer

Moto - News: “Stile Ducati”, 90 years of Ducati in a book


Ducati and its 90th anniversary, almost a century of history. The Borgo Panigale manufacturer has chosen to make this milestone a memorable one by publishing a photographic volume that covers the entire history of the firm, focusing on the style and design for which the brand has always stood out. Entitled “Stile Ducati. Una storia per immagini”, it is edited by Skira (Milano, 2016). A collector's edition featuring unique images that highlight the aesthetic style and lines of the Ducati bikes. The volume covers the entire evolution of Ducati Design, across 19 icons: from the Cucciolo to the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario, via the 916. Over 150 images that tell the story of the brand in a refined volume comprising 336 pages in Italian and English.

Andrea Ferraresi, Director of the Ducati Design Center, commented: «Each of our bikes must demonstrate that it all of the genes of the brand. It should be sporty in style, be charged-up, muscular, fluid and technical. At the same time, it must be a pure, essential design, with no frills, able to communicate lightness, advanced performance and riding enjoyment. A design that transmits, right from first glance, an excitement that anticipates the kind of excitement that riding the bike will invoke».

The book was conceived and created inside Ducati, from the development of the concept to the choice of photographic style and narration. The photography is the work of Giovanni De Sandre who, with his great professionalism, understood how best to highlight the beauty of the selected bikes. A unique sequence that focuses on the aesthetics and lines of the Ducatis, presented as works of art. At the end of each chapter is a shot of the entire bike, against a black backdrop, highlighting the main lines and beauty of its shapes. All of the chapters include a brief description of the bike and the key aspects of its design, as well as its historic context. The photographic narration also includes comments that explain the Design according to Ducati.

At the back, two pages are dedicated to the key moments in Ducati history and a descriptive index of the images. “Stile Ducati. Una storia per immagini” is on sale in all Italian bookshops, su and, from 21 December, on the Ducati site at The volume will then be available internationally as of Spring 2017. RRP 80.00 Euro. Format: 29 x 36.5 cm.

Translated by Heather Watson

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