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Vespa goes electric: the legend embraces the future

At EICMA, the Piaggio Group unveils the "Vespa Elettrica" project. It is scheduled to be on the market in the second half of 2017  

Moto - Scooter: Vespa goes electric: the legend embraces the future

Among the EICMA pavilions, Vespa is cutting a fine figure. In fact, there is a new project that involves the immediate future of the famous scooter: at Pontedera investments are being made in the electric mobility of the future with the new "Vespa Elettrica" project that will come alongside the current model.

This is a loud and clear message, because it involves a symbol of Piaggio production - as well as a true global legend - being launched into the future. And not too far into the future, since production and sale are planned for the second half of 2017.

Vespa has changed the lives of entire generations all over the world, always giving the most advanced answer to their desire for mobility that has skilfully interpreted and evolved while still remaining true to itself.

Because of the excellence of this project, the Piaggio Group is currently assessing a range of partners on a global level (Samsung and Shimano, just to name a couple) to develop innovative technological drive solutions together. The unit presented at Milan is currently just a concept, but it will soon be translated into the final "Vespa Elettrica" version.

In and of itself, the scooter will maintain its current technology, albeit transplanted onto a different type of motor. It will be a premium product with performance that should be in line with that of a 125cc internal combustion engine.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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