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Aprilia RSV4-RR GP: Pneumatic valves and 250 HP

Missile from Noale with the RSV that mounts a MotoGP derivative engine. Priced at over 100,000 Euros... engineer included!

In the area of the "Factory Works" programme, the manufacturer from Noale introduces a track-only version of its RSV-4. The Aprilia Racing “Factory Works” bikes are developed and made available to customers in accordance with the sport championship regulations (Stock, SBK), with different chassis preparation, electronic and engine levels. All of the versions begin with the already exceptional technical base of the Aprilia RSV4 RR. The new GP series, which is a derivative of the "Misano" introduced last year, stands out for the technical solutions it adopts, derived from Bradl and Bautista's 2015 vehicles. In this case, beginning with the pneumatic valves that enhance the powerful Aprilia V4, already a concentrate of technology in and of itself, especially in this configuration.

The bike is developed by the Noale Racing Department and it is the highest performing special vehicle destined for track use but available to more than just race riders, provided you have a hefty cheque in your pocket. That's right, because you can take the new RSV4RR-GP to pit lane, but to do so, you will need to put more than 100,000 Euros on the table. The price also includes an engineer who will accompany the customer through the fine-tuning process before heading out onto the track and testing the limits (?) of such a refined engine and chassis architecture. 

The official technical data is still unknown, but one thing has been confirmed: there are 250 horses available, a value worthy of MotoGP that does justice to the symbol printed on the fairings.  

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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