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Polini 23 K Gold Vespa and Polini 171cc 4 Stroke Vespa4T

From road (for sheikhs) to the circuit at the Eicma show Pav 14 stand H46

Moto - Scooter: Polini 23 K Gold Vespa and Polini 171cc 4 Stroke Vespa4T


Polini Motori arrives at EICMA 2016 as sole protagonist of a time travel, starting from the past and the tradition to the present, looking at the future and the never ending research of results and better performance. Polini 23 K Gold Vespa: the classical nature of a vehicle that made the history of our country revisited in a modern, brilliant and challenging.

Polini Vespa 171cc 4stroke: from standard use on the road to the race tracks, with a race tuning ready to ride.
This is Vespa for Polini Motori: from a classic and timeless overview you switch to a race version of a bike that still today attracts many generations.

A time travel that only who “makes the best even better” can carry out.
The appointment is at Eicma at the brand new Polini booth, at Pav. 14-booth H46; to present the last technical preview:

•    3G For Race 4T Clutch

•    Variator for Piaggio Medley 4stroke

•    Fuel system 2 stroke

•    Crankshaft for Piaggio-Yamaha 2 stroke

•    Polini E-P3 electric motor for E-Bike

POLINI 23 K GOLD VESPA - After the great success achieved with the first presentation during EICMA 2014, the symbol of the rebirth of our country, revisited by polini in a version of the modern design but always elegant, comes back to be displayed in all its brilliance. The Polini gold Vespa is the result of wise and perfect union of about 500 high quality 23K pure gold leaves. The complex art and the difficulty in positioning the golden leaves, very light and fragile, make this Vespa a masterpiece.

POLINI 171CC 4 STROKE VESPA - The Polini 171cc 4stroke vespa has debuted this year during the Polini Italian Cup, starting off a spectacular and interesting single-brand championship. From the daily use, here on the track, with a list of technical novelties that has shown the sporting features of this vehicle.

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