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BMW Motorrad... coming to EICMA 2016

Updates are on the way for the R 1200 GS, as well as a new version of the nineT

Moto - News: BMW Motorrad... coming to EICMA 2016

On the occasion of the unveiling of the K 1600 B and the Vision Next 100 Concept at Los Angeles, the CEO of BMW Motorrad, Stephan Schaller, not only stated that at EICMA some interesting news will be revealed (but we had no doubt about that), but he also said that there will be some developments in terms of the engine for the R 1200 boxers, particularly for the R 1200 GS. Unfortunately, we do not know anything else, except that the update will also involve the electronics, something on the superstructure level and something in the suspension area. The Euro 4 regulation is certainly giving all the manufacturers no choice but to update their models.

The 5th nineT - It seems almost something like a Star Wars saga, but here we are talking about something real, a creation that we will see and that will be sold. And so, after the first nineT that astonished everyone, the Scrambler followed and then, presented just a few days ago at Intermot 2016, the fantastic nineT Racer e nineT Pure. It is certainly no secret that people like these bikes. In fact, the powers that be at BMW Motorrad have decided to offer a fifth version, a bike that will follow the same line as the Lac Rose Concept, an enduro that is nothing like the R 1200 GS. It will, in fact, be something in "nineT style", in other words, a fashion bike, nice to look at and a unique item. All that’s left now is to wait a few weeks and we will see it. Stay tuned…

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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