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Yamaha, the SP version of the MT-10 unveiled

Inspired by the YZF-R1M supersport, it boasts technical solutions that top the naked category

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For 2017, Yamaha transfers the Supersport technology of the YZF-R1M to the Hyper Naked family. The new MT­-10 SP: ERS Öhlins fork, Thin Film Transistor (TFT) instrumentation and dedicated livery.

Equipped with Öhlins Electronic Racing Su suspension, the new MT-10 SP introduces YZF-­R1M technology to this segment and allows Hyper Naked riders to experience and test superior chassis performance.

ÖHLINS ELECTRONIC RACING SUSPENSION- The electronic suspension of the MT-­10 SP is controlled by a Suspension Control Unit (CU), which analyses the data coming from a series of sensors that monitor the riding conditions. The systems checks the optimum compression and extension values for the conditions, while the system's motor makes immediate adjustments to obtain the ideal calibration. The fork with Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension aims to provide access to the most sophisticated electronic suspension management available for a Hyper Naked: thanks to this, the setting is continuously monitored and regulated during riding.

The new flagship product is also equipped with advanced instrumentation with multi-function Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD colour display, offering greater definition. The rider can also choose between a light or dark background, depending on visibility during the day or night.

COLOURS AND AVAILABILITY- MT-10 SP will be available in the exclusive Silver Blu Carbon colour, inspired by the YZF-­R1M supersport, as a limited edition from February 2017. The aggressive look is rounded out with blue wheels, black front mudguard and gold inner tubes.


Translated by Heather Watson

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