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Metzeler presents the new Sport Touring Radial Roadtec 01 tyre

Replacing the already great Roadtec Z8 Interact, it promises to deliver even in the wet!

Moto - News: Metzeler presents the new Sport Touring Radial Roadtec 01 tyre

The 'elephant brand', alias Metzeler, certainly needs no introduction. This spring it offers a new product in the shape of the Roadtec 01, the new Sport Touring Radial tyre, designed and developed to offer greater levels of grip in all weather conditions, whether the asphalt is wet or dry, or offering less grip than usual. Metzeler also talks about a mileage of reference for its sector, something we cannot wait to verify! A successor to the very well received Roadtec Z6 and Roadtec Z8 Interact, it promises a 10% increase in durability in terms of mileage. Contrary to the Z8, a tyre that was developed and redeveloped, this new tyre bears the 01 number, which identifies it as a brand new project, from the materials used to the profiles, the compounds, right down to the most obvious element, the tyre tread design.

The latter, particularly with the front tyre, has cuts that are more diagonal with respect to the direction of travel, something that has allowed for an increase in mechanical grip on surfaces offering low friction. The contact area with the asphalt is wider and shorter and the innovative compounds suit the needs of different categories of motorcyclist. The rear is dual compound, with a full silica compound on the shoulder and a silica-carbon black mix in the central section. The full silica front tyres should guarantee greater safety while braking, particularly on wet surfaces. There are also dedicated tyres for heavier bikes (HWM) and for the best-selling enduro road bikes. 

So basically an all-round tyre, suitable for those making short trips with a sports riding style, to long-distance travellers who own sports touring, gran turismo or enduro road bikes, and of course urban riders who own a medium/large bike and use it to get around the city, or to and from work. As we said, there is also the HWM version that should offer greater stability by reducing both the frequency and intensity of vibrations caused by irregularities in the road surface or steering movements. Bearing a special symbol alongside the name of the product on the side of the tyre, their increased stability is achieved by using a 2-ply carcass on the rear tyres while the standard version uses just 1-ply. The front HWM tyre is 2-ply, as is the standard version, but uses a stiffer carcass material and has more rigid sides, as well as boasting a different compound that sees an added filler used along with the silica.

Translated by Heather Watson

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