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MotoGP, Brivio: an option on Viñales? it's as if there wasn't

"I want Maverick to stay because he believes in the project. A win with Suzuki would taste different to three with Yamaha"

MotoGP: Brivio: an option on Viñales? it's as if there wasn't

Lorenzo’s move to Ducati was expected and a given for some, but it means that Yamaha must now replace him and Maverick Viñales is first in line. Because he's the most promising youngster and also because he's Spanish, a significant plus for the sponsor Movistar.

But that particular move would, in turn, leave Davide Brivio with a problem. The Suzuki team manager brought Maverick to MotoGP on a gamble, but one which has apparently paid off considering the factory Yamaha team’s interest in the young talent.

 “Maverick hasn’t yet told us anything so we're waiting", says the Italian manager.

But you have an option on him for next season…

“It’s true, although it’s not exactly how it’s been described. (the possibility to renew if Viñales reaches the podium). In negotiating however, we’re behaving as if that option doesn’t exist”.

You don’t want to keep a rider against his will?

“It would be great if he were to stay because he believes in the project, because he knows we can do something important together. I'd be upset if he left, we've embarked on this adventure together and it would be a pity to interrupt the story."

Are you confident?

“I think that, together, we could do well and I believe that a win with Suzuki would taste different to three with Yamaha”.

The same old story, you invest in a youngster and then he leaves. Couldn't we consider a card for the riders, like in football?

 “It’s different with racing, The only way would be to make them sign longer contracts, so as to be able to ‘sell’ them, so to speak. But would riders be available to do this? I’m sceptical”

If Viñales decides to leave, what are your options?

“Right now I have no negotiations in progress, because I want to wait for Maverick’s decision. If he were to go, we’d have to decide on a strategy, set some goals in order to choose a worthy replacement.”

Time’s ticking on…

“We can’t wait much longer but I think that between Jerez and Le Mans the situation will become a lot clearer. We have contacts, like everyone, many riders’ managers have made a move in our direction.”

Is Espargarò’s place at risk?

“Aleix has had a difficult start to the season, but at Austin he made a great race and I think that's the start of a recovery. We'll start talking with him too."

Translated by Heather Watson

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