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Pernat: Marquez is afraid of losing this championship

Marc takes risks in practice, but then races with a fear of falling. Pointless controversy by Lorenzo about Rossi's pass

Pernat: Marquez is afraid of losing this championship

I would call the Spanish Honda rider’s win the curse of Dani Pedrosa because his last world championship win dates back to October of last year in Malaysia. Yes, that cursed race for Valentino Rossi, the Marquez-Rossi scandal GP.

Besides the cold statistic at Misano, Dani Pedrosa rose again when no one expected it and rode a race worthy of a champion, especially in the gamble of choosing a soft front tyre, unlike all the other riders.

This is more and more a season dictated by the choice of tyres for which no one knows when they will wear and how long they will last.
This explains the record of eight different winners in as many Grand Prix races.

It seemed like Jorge Lorenzo’s day: in practice throughout the weekend, he had made incredible times that had oddly enough, given the results of recent races, made him euphoric. He probably still believed in his chance at a comeback for the championship title. Unfortunately for him, Valentino got ahead of him again and then everything ended in an argument between the two during the post-race press conference.

There is much, too much, agitation in the Yamaha camp, but especially in Jorge Lorenzo’s mind as he continues to create stupid controversy on the way the other riders overtake him. At Misano he complained about Valentino’s pass, considering it too aggressive, when none of the other 100,000 spectators noticed and Vale, quite rightly and politely, told him to get stuffed.

Jorge Lorenzo has always complained about these passes in the past. He did it with Marco Simoncelli, continuously accusing him of misconduct, then he did it with Andrea Iannone and now with Valentino too. All of this is a symptom of insecurity and it is a pity that it also seems like a way to make excuses when he loses. Get back to being that great rider who won the world championship with the right dose of sporting aggressiveness. He has more than enough.

For Valentino Rossi it was a bittersweet day: he had made everyone dream of the win, a true cherry on the top of the Sunday, but things went differently.
Marc Marquez had a bad day, but he continues to ride with the handbrake engaged, given the fact that his 43-point advantage is still quite good with five races left until the end of the world championship.

However, we are seeing a strange Marc, a rider who sometimes risks, even too much, especially during practice, and who races with a fear of falling during the races. Here we have a different Marquez from the one we know. He is boyish, he keeps a low profile and he is very afraid of losing this championship that he would have tried to win in a different way in past years.

The final Grand Prix races will not be easy for the Spaniard.

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