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Do you want to reach more than 450,000 motorcycle racing fans?

In tough economic times, making sure your target audience receives the message is crucial if you want your business to survive. Every month, reaches 450,000 motorcycle racing enthusiasts. Loyal readers who return to the site several times a day, knowing that we are a source of reliable and continuous information.

In fact, unlike many of the websites that you find around the web, we are present in MotoGP, Superbike and CIV with well-known journalists who follow these championships trackside, not from home. This is what makes a qualified source.

This past year, like all those before, we have seen our numbers increase, so much to make a brochure created in November obsolete in January. And 2016 began with the same trend, thanks in part to the implementation of the English version of And we are not talking about automated translation, but translations entrusted to mother tongue professionals who have extensive experience working in our sector.

We are talking about 450,000 unique visitors/month and more than 3.6 million pages/month… and constantly growing. Just as our new section dedicated to products is growing, an inseparable complement of information for the sport bikers who represent us.

This is why, when you spend money on advertising with us, you can be sure that your ad will reach the target audience. Each one of our visitors is a potential buyer, a racing, speed and technology enthusiast. And they are bikers.

We –Buffer Overflow srl – do not simply publish your banners. Instead, we listen to your requests, we discuss your goals with you and we decide the most appropriate way to achieve them together.

You will also have the keen satisfaction of having supported a young, qualified and professional group.

You will grow with us.



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HOW IT ALL BEGAN was born out of an idea that came in the fall of 1999 to Paolo Scalera, one of the “historic” journalists of Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing, for years a Motosprint correspondent, now a Corriere dello Sport correspondent.

The idea was to share his passion for motorcycles with Internet fans and Grand Prix races in particular, through a user-friendly, but accurate, punctual and above all competent website.

An agreement initially with Dorna, the company that manages the motorcycle racing world championship rights, and then with Infront Motor Sports, permitted to display the logos of the respective companies that hold the FIM television rights.

For this reason, from the beginning was the only site to publish, basically in real time, original MotoGP times and standings.



After a brief amateur phase in which the editorial staff was made up of a group of enthusiasts, Alberto Cani and Nereo Balanzin arrived in rapid succession for Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing, and the late Claudio Porrozzi for Superbike, joined later by Paolo Gozzi, the SBK number one with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Ernesto Emmi is our motorcycle racing historian who also manages our YouTube account, and he has been with us since the beginning. On the videos, for the new product section, was Flavio Atzori. Every now and then Ugo Passerini writes for us, the former InMoto vice director. Covering tests are also William Toscani and Fabio Caliendo and the super-fast Luca Bono. has obviously grown abroad as well, thanks to our friendship with Dean Adams, the driving force behind the American site, David Emmet, creator of the in depth site, and Irishman John O'Line, whereas support from super-informed Austrian journalist Gunther Wiesinger has been indispensable, deus ex machina.

The idea of audio bytes and then the GPOnecar were Paolo Scalera’s, whereas Aldo Gandolfo is the expert who helped us on the videos.

Every now and then Alice Margaria comes to see us, also known as Alice Broom-Broom. The first translations arrived with the New Yorker from Rome, Sean Sedacca, but they are now covered by the well-known Heather Watson and Jonathan Blosser. MotoGP falls to Matteo Aglio, whose signature can also be found in La Stampa and Motociclismo.... Superbike was followed by Luca Semprini, whose passion for motorcycle racing ripened in America, now gone over to the 'dark side'. And so Riccardo Guglielmetti came on board, followed by Mirko Colombi.

Federica De Zottis manages the social media channels, and his name is well-known in these circles, since he has worked with the likes of Max Biaggi, Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi. He also manages the English version of the site, which is growing rapidly.

The Director of is Paolo Scalera, the historic pen of the first Motosprint and the Corriere dello Sport, taking up the reins left by Alberto Cani, whose curiosity led him to the other side of the barricade. Last, but not least, on his highly popular blog, you can also read the musings of the manager of managers, Carlo Pernat.



The "printing house" is Buffer Overflow srl.

The images are from PhotoMilagro, taken by Gigi Soldano, Tino MartinoStefano Taglioni, Firmino Fraternali, Simone Rosa and Fabrizio Porrozzi.

The Web developer/System Administrator is Antonio Cangemi.



Promotion and advertising on GPOne (web version, mobile version and app) is managed directly by Buffer Overflow S.r.l., very well-known among the riders, managers and all those involved in the sector, is happy to receive comments and articles from many of the most competent and influential journalists in the motorcycle racing world who use it as recreational reading, work and… an online archive.



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