SBK, Redding falls on bike due to Marc Marquez' fault

The Ducati Aruba rider slipped during a training session causing slight injuries to his elbow: "I wanted to try to put my elbow down like Marquez, but it didn't help"


A bike slip with a "Marquez-like" rescue attempt failed for Scott Redding. "I wanted to try to put my elbow down like Marquez - said the Ducati Aruba SBK team rider - but it didn't help to avoid this". The British rider, in fact, crashed during a training session and in the slide he must have tried to "save himself" as Marc Marquez did many times on track.

Nothing to worry about, however, since Scott has medicated the minor injuries to his arm and leg live on Instagram. Immediate response from Marc who shared the stories of his colleague. 

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