MotoGP, Dovizioso says he would only consider a call from Honda for a serious project

"I still feel like a MotoGP rider, I wasn't ready to be a test rider. I'm not looking for a place in MotoGP at all costs"


Andrea Dovizioso is gearing up for the racing season, but only one in motocross. After bidding farewell to Ducati, he failed to find another place in MotoGP and did not want to accept Yamaha’s proposal to be a test rider. Thus Dovi, for the first time in many years, does not know what he will be doing in the next few months, other than off-road racing.

The rider from Forlì has been speaking to Sky Sport about his present, starting from the 'no' he said to Yamaha.

“Honestly, I didn't feel ready to simply be a tester yet - he explained - With this I don't want to say that a test rider is not an important job, but I still feel like a MotoGP rider in this moment of motocross,” he joked.

Several times there has been talk of Dovizioso possibly going to in Honda, to replace Marc Marquez, whose return date is still shrouded in mystery. At the moment, however, there has been no contact between Italy and Japan.

"I'm open to everything, but at the moment I'm not looking for a place to return at all costs - Andrea specified - I'm only interested in projects of a certain type, as a result if there is a possibility of returning to MotoGP in 2021 or 2022 I'll be the first to be happy to talk about it, otherwise there is no problem ”.

Recently there has been talk of a 'token' offer, but Dovi does not seem to be of this opinion. He wouldn't say yes under any conditions.

"It depends on what they offer - he said - There must be a project, a desire to try together. Should there be something like ​​this, perhaps for 2022, I'll be the first to be happy. I'm used to doing things in a good way, so if there is the intention and desire on the part of both sides, we can talk about it ".


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