MotoGP, VIDEO - Pernat: "Dovizioso under review, but Ducati is also to blame"

"Morbidelli is the moral winner of this championship. Mir gets a pass, but only next year will we understand how much he deserved the title"

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Carlo Pernat was already in the chair last week (if you missed it, find the video HERE) to hand out passes and fails for the protagonists of this year’s MotoGP championship, in our virtual Bar Sport in the company of Paolo Scalera and Matteo Aglio. But his work only remained at the halfway point...

The so-called top part of the standings was missing and the Italian manager pulled no punches in judging the top 10 riders of the championship, handing out passes, fails left, right and centre or putting them under review...

Above you can see the full video, below you can find his opinions on the best riders of 2020.

"Nakagami under review: he did not pass the pressure test"

"Nakagami didn't have a bad championship, far from it. I would say that he is under review for one subject, the pressure test. Otherwise he would have achieved a big pass mark, but he suffered the pressure in the most important races of his career. If he had passed that test, he would have been promoted with flying colours ".

"Oliveira has everything to be in the top 5 in 2021"

“I am passing Miguel Oliveira: having won two Grands Prix is ​​a sign that he is a rider who knows how to stay with the leaders. He took advantage of a KTM that has improved, has shown that he is a fast rider and he uses his head, because the battle with Pol Espargarò for the leadership of KTM was a personal one. He made some mistakes, OK that’s acceptable, and if he learns from them next year we will see him in the top 5 in the championship ”.

"Quartararo gets a pass for his victories, but is under review for the entire season"

"Quartararo? I pass him, while putting him under review. A rider who wins 3 GPs deserves a pass, when he is in shape he is very strong. I am putting him under review because it is simply not possible for a rider who is one of the favourites for the World Championship to have such a season after two races, it is unacceptable”.

"Miller has been promoted by Ducati for some time now"

“Miller gets a pass mark, but subject to seeing what he will do next year when he is in the factory team. Ducati has promoted him even more than me and he is expected to fight for the World Championship, this year Jack enabled Ducati to win the constructors' title."

"Vinales has no extenuating circumstances: epic fail"

“I use the same adjective that I have often used for Vinales: embarrassing. He cannot be given any extenuating circumstances, he always has something wrong with him. He gets a fail mark and I don't know if Yamaha would have made him sign a two-year contract after this season, everyone is very disappointed, especially Lin Jarvis ”.

"Pol Espargarò I will put under review until 2021 with Honda"

“For me Pol Espargarò is under review while we wait and see what he will do with Honda next year and he has a sword of Damocles on his head. If we look at this year I would consider giving him a fail, because Oliveira and Binder won and he didn't and that counts. "

"Dovizioso pending further review, but it’s not only his fault"

“There would be such a lot to say about Dovizioso, I am marking him down as pending further review in the hope that he will find a new assignment that will test him, in the sense of a motorcycle. I don’t mark him down as a fail because it was not exclusively his fault, he was not put in the right psychological conditions. You can't leave a rider you've known for 8 years waiting, that wore him down completely. On the other hand, it must be said that a rider with balls would have put them on the tank to fight for the World Championship until the end and this did not happen. "

"Alex Rins must be angry with himself"

"Alex Rins I’m putting under review not so much for his shoulder injury, but for the two cock-ups he made when he was back in shape. He knows that if he hadn't done them the world title would have been his, but he must be angry with himself ".

"Morbidelli is the moral winner of this World Championship"

“I give Morbidelli a 10. I am a fan of him and he surprised me not for his riding but for his head, he suffers nothing and nobody, not even Quartararo. Franco is the moral winner of this World Championship ”.

"Next year we will see if Mir deserved this World Championship title"

“Mir is clearly given a pass, he has proven to be a great rider. It is true that he had a very bad race in Portimao after the title, but we are talking about a very young guy who faced great pressure. Next year we will see even more if Joan deserved to win this World Championship title ”.


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