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MotoGP, Costa: "I'm suffering for Marquez, the solution is fixating rods and hyperbaric chamber"

"If there is an outbreak of osteomyelitis it can start up again after some time. Away with the plate, apply external fixating rods and, if necessary, the humerus must be shortened to 'clean' the area. Nothing will happen if a humerus is slightly shorter, you don’t walk on it"

MotoGP: Costa: "I'm suffering for Marquez, the solution is fixating rods and hyperbaric chamber"


In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the third operation carried out in Madrid on Marc Marquez's humerus which required the insertion of a third plate.

Subsequently, Honda informed the media of an infectious outbreak which has delayed the formation of the callus, effectively leading to a third surgical operation.

This is a risk, it should be remembered, that Dr. Costa had spoken about more than one month ago (read HERE and HERE). For this reason, the famous traumatologist, for years the recognized angel of the riders, felt compelled to express his opinion on the facts that keep Marquez away from racing and risk not letting him take part at least at the beginning of the 2021 season.

"If there is an outbreak of osteomyelitis, it does not mean that it cannot start up again after some time. In fact, the bone is a part of the body that is poorly moisturized and even antibiotics risk having no effect, no matter how hard you try. At this point we need the courage to say: let's do everything possible or imaginable to give that bone a chance to heal definitively ".

Claudio Costa is categorical on this matter…

"So away with the plate, external fixators and, if necessary, play around with the fixating rods if you need to shorten the humerus to 'clean' the area. Nothing happens if a humerus is just a little shorter, you don't walk on it, then antibiotics and a hyperbaric chamber, because oxygen plays a very important role in these cases. There is a very nice one in Ravenna".

We recall that a shock treatment of this type, even if it adopted different techniques, is what saved Mick Doohan's leg, subsequently allowing him to win 5 consecutive world titles.

"You have to use everything you have in your hands - repeated Costa, who added - I hope Marc will recover soon, I’m suffering a lot knowing this because I am very fond of him and I am not resigned to the fact that a rider of this level cannot race".


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