MotoGP, Quartararo defeated: “The 2020 Yamaha wasn't the correct choice”

“There’s a big difference between this year’s bike and the previous one. In 2019, when I was struggling, it didn’t end like today. This is incomprehensible.”


There are those who win, like Joan Mir, and those who can do nothing else but lick their wounds, and that’s Fabio Quartararo. All that remains is to applaud his rival. And to think that, after the first two races of the season, the French rider seemed to be the main candidate to pick up the baton that Marc Marquez left behind.

Instead, once again, the title of the premier class remains in Spain. Quartararo can only console himself, also thanks to a Yamaha that seems to have betrayed him in the thick of it.

It was a complicated weekend,” Fabio began. “My sensations were very similar to Le Mans. I hope to find a solution to all these problems. Unfortunately, we lacked speed and grip, which we had in Barcelona when I won. There’s very little to say. I think it is obvious.”

His disappointment really shows.

During lockdown, I trained like never before and, in Jerez, I felt good with the bike, so much so that I was able to adapt to every situation. Unfortunately, on the tracks where we suffered little last year, now the difficulties have increased and you find yourself fighting from behind. All this is incomprehensible to me.”

His attention then shifts to what happened in the race. First the long, then the fall.

At Turn 2, I braked too late and went long. Then I ended up falling, even risking to run over Maverick. I never had a good feeling today. The problem is that, we were here in Valencia for two weeks, and we haven’t improved anything. All the changes made to the bike were of no use. The situation has always remained the same.”

At this point, the project linked to 2020 is in jeopardy.

In light of the fact,  I believe that the 2020 Yamaha was not the correct choice. Among other things, the jump from last year’s bike to this one was quite big. With the M1, in 2019, I was able to be consistent on almost all the tracks. But now you move from one track to another where you find yourself fighting for a tenth position, if it goes well. It’s frustrating when you work a lot but, in the end, you don’t get what you want, also because we had a whole other pace than today in the tests. But we know very well which parts to intervene on, and Yamaha will have to help us.

The winner today was Franco Morbidelli, his teammate.

Franco has improved this season and, in the end, it showed. I think he made the difference  on the M1 today. I’m happy for him, even if I’m sorry since, with last year’s bike, I could have fought to try to win many more races.

In the end, the world championship went to Joan Mir and Fabio knows he deserved it.

Joan deserved this World Championship, because he was fast and above all, constant. Something I was instead lacking. Unfortunately, this is what made the difference.”



Translated by Leila Myftija

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