MotoGP, Rins: “I was afraid I had caught Covid-19 because of a cold”

“I got scared on day.  I had a cold, and I had a swab before reaching the circuit. I got paranoid and didn’t sleep at night. Then, after the negative result, everything passed.”


Among those fighting for the world championship, there’s also Alex Rins. His recent performances in Aragon put the Suzuki rider back into the race for the world championship. Obviously, with a great deal of difficulty, but he doesn’t want to back down right now.

The most important thing is to have arrived in Valencia without COVID-19,” Alex began. “ I feel good and can’t wait to get on track to start the race weekend. It’ll be a weekend where rain is expected, but I don’t want to be conditioned by this aspect in the least, since my goal is to try to be strong in any situation.

The World Championship will definitely not be easy.

I haven’t done the math, but the only number I have imprinted on my mind is 75. I have to try to win all the races from here to the end of the championship or at least try to get on the podium. Certainly, the latest results were positive, and that’s where I have to start off from again.”

One of the issues that has become so widespread in recent weeks is the risk of contagion.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just pay attention to yourself. An example is Lecuona. He’s negative, but having come into contact with a positive person, he can’t race In the past week, I’ve tried to be extra careful with everything, even if I haven’t given up going out with my dogs and training in the gym.

Rins explained.

I got scared on day, because I had a cold, and I had a swab before arriving on the circuit. At that moment, you get paranoid and start thinking you have the virus, and you don’t sleep at night. But when I saw that the result was negative, everything passed.

Like all the other riders, Rins also doesn’t intend to let his guard down.

What matters now is to feel good and, after Sunday’s race, I’ll certainly not move from Valencia. In fact, I’ll stay here with my girlfriend to remain in the bubble and respect all the rules set out in the protocol.”

His last thought was about the race weekend.

In the rain, it could be a lottery, since anything can happen. I obviously prefer to race on dry, since the sensations are better, and you understand when you’ve reached the limit.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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