MotoGP, Morbidelli: "I believe in the world championship. Quartararo doesn’t have a wet-weather style"

"You can believe in the world championship a lot, average and a little. I'm in the mode that I believe so much in. I didn't understand Marquez's comment and  Valentino Rossi's return doesn't give me any extra boost."


His Yamaha is the fastest on the track at Valencia. We are talking about the M1 of Franco Morbidelli, who set the third fastest time of the day. A performance that gives confidence to the Petronas rider in view of the rest of the weekend.

For sure, at Yamaha, the issue linked to the engines is keeping everyone in the team very anxious, even if the Italo-Brazilian prefers to look further ahead.

“I don't want to waste more mental energy than necessary on this subject, let alone worry - he began - I say so because my mind must be focused solely and exclusively on the race weekend and the bike. But I accept the decision that has been made. Honestly, I'm not worried, since at the moment I am much more concerned about things like the set-up to find on the bike or the sensations of riding the M1. Maybe, later on, we will be able to talk about it, even if in Yamaha there are the competent people to deal with this matter ”.

Marc Marquez also spoke about the matter with an ironic tweet…

“I honestly didn't understand that tweet, let alone what it meant, also because I don't know Spanish. I would like to hear his interpretation. It's a comment from a fan, who is at home and wants to comment on something big that has happened in the last few days ”.

His attention then returned to the track…

“The feelings on Friday are positive. Today we got off to a good start, doing everything according to plan. I am therefore thrilled, as we are on the right path. This morning it was not easy to find good sensations in the wet with the bike, but we were able to be competitive, as well as in the afternoon in conditions that were certainly not easy. I'm third and the result is undoubtedly encouraging for the rest of the weekend ”.

Meanwhile Quartararo has to play catch-up...

“Honestly, I cannot judge Fabio's performance in the wet. He certainly has a particular style in dry conditions, where he manages to be very aggressive like perhaps no other rider. In the wet, on the other hand, he has different sensations, but as I said, I won't go into the merits of the matter. "

In fact, Franco remains focused on himself and the world championship battle...

“After Aragon I believe so much in it. You can believe in the world championship a lot, average and a little. There are no other shades. I'm in the mode that I believe so much in, as maybe I was in medium mode before Aragon. I'm certainly in a good shape now and I have to believe it ”.

His final comment concerns the return of Valentino…

"The return of Valentino doesn’t give me any extra boost, even though I am delighted that he is back here".


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