MotoGP, No spectators in Portimao: Grand Prix behind closed doors

For the last race of the season, the stands will remain empty, while tickets for the VIP Village are still on sale


The Portuguese government has recently confirmed the possibility of canceling the Portimao Grand Prix, the last MotoGP of the season but, it If they do, it’ll still be held behind closed doors.

The initial plan was to allow 50,000 spectators to enter, but after recent Coronavirus restrictions were further enforced in Portugal, this will no longer be possible. What convinced the authorities to not allow access to spectators is also what happened at the Formula 1 GP, where more than 25,000 spectators were present without respecting social distancing and without wearing masks.

So the Portimao grandstands for the MotoGP will remain empty, but tickets to the VIP Village are still on sale... and they’re certainly not cheap: 1,248 Euros for “standard” access Saturday and Sunday and 14,981 Euros for the “Corporate Suite”.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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