MotoGP, Coronavirus Emergency: Portimao GP risks being canceled

The Portuguese government has declared that every event organized will be re-assessed. In the F1, 14 positive cases were registered amont the teams after the Portugal GP


In a press conference held yesterday, the Health Secretary of State of the Portuguese Government declared that rhe Portuguese Grand Prix is ​​at risk.

The Portimao circuit is scheduled for the last stage of the World Championship on November 22nd. As in the rest of Europe, Portugal also has had a sharp rise in positive Coronavirus cases, and the authorities could decide to cancel the Grand Prix.

"The evolution of the pandemic means that all measures, all events, and everything that will happen in the future are continuously assessed, and the best decisions will be made based on the evolution of the pandemic and what happens during the upcoming days,” was Diogo Serras Lopez’s answer regarding the possibility of canceling the MotoGP race.

Many fear this decision will be made because of what happened with the Formula 1. Fourteen positive Coronavirus cases were registered among the teams after the Portuguese  GP.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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