MotoGP, Morbidelli: "I'm far from the top of the world championship, I'll have to do an attacking race"

“We are not very good in qualifying. Often there are more times that we have a bitter sweet taste rather than a sweet taste and that's it. We are one-tenth of a second from the factory Yamaha on the straight, not more"


by Giorgio Burreddu

It is always a question of tenths. “One, not more” says Franco Morbidelli.

The Petronas Yamaha man is feeling very excited about this Aragon GP after qualifying in fourth place with some positive feelings. One tenth of a second is all that is separating Franco Morbidelli from the factory Yamaha, a not very big gap on which the Petronas rider is working.

"It's hard to say how much I’m missing in terms of rideability because I haven’t ridden the factory Yamaha. But on the straights there are weekends where the difference is more, others less, others where there isn't really any difference. But generally in the last weekends when it has been colder and the new Yamaha is stronger on the straight, at most one tenth per straight. Then it depends on corner exit, on a few things, but at most we are talking about one-tenth of a second difference. Not more".

This is the future. For the moment Franco is searching for something more for now, which means this weekend in Aragon, where anything can happen. It’s true that a lot has already happened, but tomorrow everything is wide-open.

“I feel very positive. We have to keep up with the Yamahas. But I also know that I am very far from the top of the world championship and so we will have to attack, that's for sure. We will have to do an attacking race".

Morbidelli is one rider who knows how to recognize the nuances, knows how to see them, knows how to analyze them. And there are things Franco still needs to improve...

“It will also depend a lot on the temperature. Tomorrow we must try to do our best. Try to do the maximum".

However, there are still things that Franco has to dial out, nothing is perfect: everything can be taken to a different level…

“We are not very good in qualifying, it happens that we don't always manage to put our true potential on the track. Especially in qualifying. And for different reasons. This happens at every GP, every time there are different reasons, but we often arrive in qualifying and there are more times that we have a bitter sweet taste, rather than just a sweet taste ".

A flavour that could already change at the start…

“We have to try to get right into it. We must try to attack ”.



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