MotoGP, Andrea Iannone in Milan: the Aprilia rider to speak about the 'doping case'

The rider from Vasto has called a press conference in which Aprilia CEO Massimo Rivola will also participate. In the absence of a definitive sentence, expected anyway in a few days, another chapter is sure to be added to an ugly story


Tomorrow, in Milan, at the LaPresse headquarters at 12.30 Andrea Iannone has invited a selected number of representatives of the press, due to the strict anti-Covid-19 regulations.

Together with Andrea, attorney De Rensis, Professor Salomone and Massimo Rivola, CEO of Aprilia Racing will be present.

We have no idea what 'The Maniac' can tell us, since it goes without saying that he will not reveal the outcome of the doping case that has dragged on since the end of last year, but it is sure to be interesting to listen to the rider from Vasto. Andrea made a brief appearance on the track at Misano, but he hasn't ridden a bike in anger since last year.

The Aprilia rider, found positive for doping on 3 November, was recognized as having accidentally taken, negligently and non-intentionally, Drostanolone (a victim of food contamination). The disqualification was imposed from December 17, 2019 to June 16, 2021, but Iannone appealed to the CAS and the ruling is expected in days.

"This period has been the most difficult of my life. I thought of everything - said Iannone after the first sentence - Seeing my innocence recognized is a victory. It could have been much worse. Even though we lost in any case, seeing as there was a sentence of 18 months. I was the first case of suspension for food contamination. Obviously, none of us know for sure what we eat. There is an inconsistency between the regulation and real life. The goal now is to get back on the bike as quickly as possible. "

Andrea hasn't said a word since. On the occasion Aprilia issued this press release:

"Aprilia Racing takes note of the FIM provision that inflicts eighteen months of disqualification on the rider Andrea Iannone. From an initial analysis of the sentence it is noted with satisfaction that the total absence of wilful misconduct and the accidental use of steroids have been recognized, admitting the theory of food contamination, something that has never happened before. This scenario opens up new possibilities of appeal for Andrea Iannone but there remains bewilderment for a penalty completely inconsistent with the reconstruction contained in the sentence itself which recognizes the innocence of Andrea Iannone in the facts, while not acquitting him. In compliance with the sporting values ​​that have always inspired its activity and which do not provide for any tolerance towards practices prohibited by the regulations, Aprilia Racing has always reiterated its full confidence in its rider, it does so with new strength after this ruling and will support him in his appeal to the CAS ".

Then through Massimo Rivola it added: "The sentence leaves us disconcerted by the penalty inflicted on Andrea, but also very satisfied in its motivations. The judges recognized Andrea's total good faith and unawareness in the assumption, confirming the theory of food contamination ".

These are the facts for which Aprilia Racing was forced to let test rider Bradley Smith race in place of Iannone. A huge damage, also from the point of view of the development of the RS-GP, which is entrusted solely to Aleix Espargaro.

We will see tomorrow which chapter will be added to this ugly story, managed very badly even by the International Federation which has failed to impose the absurdity of a first sentence that admitted the accidental assumption, but accepts a sentence.


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