MotoGP, Jack Miller: “My goal in the race will be to dodge all the tear offs”

“There’s no grip and it’s impossible to be aggressive. Getting ahead of the Yamahas at the start will be essential, as will not overheating the tires.”


Although Jack Miller was clearly the best Ducati rider, he doesn’t seem at all happy about it. “I’m in seventh heaven,” he said smiling, commenting on his 4th place on the grid in Barcelona, among the Yamaha squad. Pramac’s rider from Australia saved the red team’s day (along with Zarco, 7th), but he knows that it might not be enough for tomorrow.

I felt more comfortable on the bike today,” he explained.  “Especially because there was no wind, but also due to some changes to the set up. I’ll try to avoid tear offs during the race and, if I don’t end up like a steak at Turn 10, then everything will be fine,” he said Ironically, remembering Quartararo’s visor sucked into his Desmosedici at Misano.

The problem, at Montmelò, is that he can’t push because of the tires.

I think this is the strangest situation we’ve had,” Jack continued. “You have to ride very gently. You absolutely cannot be aggressive. especially at Turns 4 and 9. As soon as you try to push, you feel the front slip. We also had to release the engine brake more for the same reason, so that it’s less invasive.

More or less all Ducatis seem to suffer from the lack of grip.

I don’t look much at the other riders’ data, except at Misano where Pecco was very fast,”  he continued.

We’ll just have to see what his chances will be in the race.

Like every Sunday, I’ll try to get on the podium. In the FP4s, I did twenty-one laps with the same rear tire, more with the front, and it went well,” Miller said. “Getting in front of the Yamaha would be essential. The first corner is far, so I’ll have the chance to have a good start. But we also have to be careful not to overheat the tires, like I did in the first race at Misano.  A problem with the Michelins is that if you push too hard in the first four or five laps, and overheat them, you make their durability much worse, especially on the rear and, in Barcelona, it’s easy to do because there are fast accelerations when the bike is bending.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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