Moto3, Fenati the Phoenix: Romano re-emerges from the ashes and wins at Misano by beating Vietti

Max Biaggi's rider gets the better of Celestino on the last lap, 3rd Ogura ahead of Arenas who keeps his World Championship lead  


After more than a year, Romano Fenati is back on the winners’ podium slot. He did it at Misano by relying on his experience, taking advantage of the mistakes of his opponents and passing first across the line in front of Vietti, who had led the race for a number of laps.

The rider of Max Biaggi's team remained lucid until the end, finding the right opening in the Moto3 traffic. When Vietti went slightly wide to pass Masia, Romano passed to edge out Celestino from the win. With this victory, Fenati became the most successful rider in Moto3, with 12 wins.

"It is a special emotion to win here in Italy - said the winner - My rivals were all fast, too fast even, I hope they will go slower because I am old! We worked well to sort the bike, two races ago I was 20th and today first, now the important thing is to continue to stay in front ”.

Vietti was in any case satisfied: “I'm happy with 2nd place because I was unlucky last week, while today I had a great race. On the last lap I tried to stay ahead, but Romano was very good. "

As for the World Championship standings, Arenas maintains the lead with 119 points, just 2 more than Ogura, while McPhee is 3rd at 98 and Vietti 4th at 86.


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