MotoGP, Dovizioso feels he can now fight for the title after useful Misano test

"I was able to understand what to change in my riding style to adapt to the Michelin, I feel calmer and more relaxed"


Andrea Dovizioso seems relieved after the morning of testing at Misano. On Sunday evening, finding himself at the top of the championship was very little satisfaction for him. The man from Forlì was unable to ride his Ducati, to interpret the new tyres, as if he were trapped in a negative spiral but today he managed to find a way out.

You can tell it from his gaze, even before he starts talking…

"On this track the grip is special, something unusual, so it's not the best situation for a test - he said cautiously - But it was good for us to be able to test after one race and before another. I had some new things on the bike and they worked well, then we worked on the set-up and I'm happy, because I figured out how to ride better, more relaxed. The sensations in the saddle are much, much better than last weekend ”.

Did studying the data of Bagnaia and Miller help you?

“Engineers don't like me talking about these things, but I always study all the riders. Today I was able to ride in a different way, which is what the new tyres required, I think it was clear to everyone that my old style was not working. I think next weekend I'll be stronger, but then we'll have to have confirmation on other tracks, like Barcelona ”.

Are you satisfied?

“Yes, I completed all the work planned and I expect a lot more from the next Grand Prix. There is no point in continuing to lap just for the sake of lapping, especially after a weekend as tough as the past one, and then in three days we will be back on track ”.

What do you expect?

“Usually in the second race on the same track everyone is stronger, on a track as short as Misano it will be difficult to be in the top 10, but thanks to this test we were able to work on the details. The new things on the Desmosedici worked, but you will also see a different Dovizioso. For me it is important to understand in order to improve and today I did it ".

Dall'Igna told us that riders with recent Moto2 experience have an advantage with the new Michelin tyres. Do you agree?

“I wouldn’t know, but from my point of view it matters little. The important thing for me was to see what I could do differently, what to change in my riding style. To change certain aspects, a rider needs time and there is not much available in a race weekend. With these tyres you have to enter the corners with more speed and then be gentle with the gas coming out, I did the opposite: I braked very hard and then I was able to manage the lack of grip on the exit. Now the tyres have a lot of grip at the rear and require a different approach to braking, the point where I made a difference on the other riders ”.

Were you in a vicious circle?

“It's hard to be competitive when you ride with a style that doesn't work anymore, you have to adapt and it's complicated. If you can't be fast right away, then you aren't fast when you need it, you struggle to get dialled in and find good sensations. I had to find a solution and this test helped me a lot, but we have to wait until the race weekend to have confirmation ”.

Are you optimistic?

“Now I feel I have more chances to fight for the title. In the last few races I wasn’t fast, I had taken home the points but I had no cards to play. Now I feel calmer, even though I’m keeping my feet on the ground because we have to see how much and if our opponents have improved. The important thing now is my feelings ".

Did you test the radio communication system?

"Yes, it went well because the sound is clear, I could understand what they were saying to me, but they will have to change the headset because it doesn't give enough isolation from the noise of the bike".

Are these communications that useful?

“It's a way to improve and it doesn't create problems, from my point of view it's positive. Not all riders have the ability to see flags clearly, and sometimes they can blend in with the background. For example, here at Misano, at turn 8 the sponsor's billboards are yellow and it is not easy to focus on any flag of the same colour ".




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