MotoGP, Misano pays homage to medical staff with Doctor Antonella Dappozzo on the podium

The Director of the Primary Care Program of the Romagna Local Health Authority (AUSL) will hand the trophies to the riders in the San Marino Grand Prix


The MotoGP in the ‘Riders' Land’ wishes to pay tribute to the medical staff and health workers who have been dedicating themselves to the fight against Covid-19 in recent months.

The promoters of the Lenovo Grand Prix of San Marino and the Rimini Riviera have asked for a health care representative to be on the podium of the MotoGP prize-giving tomorrow.

In agreement with AUSL Romagna, the figure of Doctor Antonella Dappozzo, Director of the Primary Care Program of AUSL Romagna has been identified.

"We wish to testify in front of the TV cameras all over the world - say the Promoters - our gratitude for the enormous commitment that is being made in hospitals to welcome and treat all the sick. Dr. Dappozzo ideally represents every operator who takes care of our health in the territory and in the Republic of San Marino, but all over the world. The Grand Prix, with the two rounds at MWC, also represents a strong signal: after the lockdown we rolled up our sleeves, we strongly wanted to take responsibility for opening up to the public and thanks to a dispensation of the Emilia-Romagna Region we want to show that it is important to get back on the road, with caution, attention and a sense of responsibility, towards a normality of which we have enormous nostalgia. The first entries into the circuit yesterday and today are a testimony to discipline and a lot of attention from enthusiasts. Let's continue in this way”.

Who is Dr. Antonella Dappozzo? In order to take care of suspected and confirmed Covid patients as effective and timely as possible, in the most acute phase of the epidemic, the doctor coordinated the network of professionals and the targeted strategies to counter the spread of contagion in the area.

To this end, Dr. Dappozzo, in conjunction with infectious disease specialists, family doctors and the Company Management, coordinated the Special Continuity Care Units (USCA), made up of doctors and nurses who follow the patients at home, treating all stages of the disease, from diagnosis by swabs and home lung ultrasound, to therapy and follow-up of the disease.

A fully integrated approach between USCA doctors, family doctors, the Department of Public Health and the hospital initially tested in Rimini - the area of ​​greatest spread of the disease in the area - and then extended to the whole of the Romagna AUSL, effective from a clinical point of view and important for the compliance of the patient, who was able to be treated where he or she lives.

An operational choice which, especially in the most dramatic moments of the epidemic, protected the hospital network from collapse, allowing hospital care to be dedicated to the most fragile and severely affected.


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