MotoGP, Oliveira: "Pol Espargarò was in the wrong. He should have looked out for me."

The Steward Panel did not take measures regarding the contact between the two KTM riders during the race. Oliveira: "That was not his normal trajectory."


The meeting between Miguel Oliveira and Pol Espargarò with the FIM Stewards left the Portuguese rider disappointed in the end. No action was taken regarding last Sunday's contact between the two KTM riders, both of whom ended up falling.

We talked about what had happened. They told us we have to respect the spaces and the trajectories,” said the Tech3 rider.

Have you cleared things up with Espargarò?

"I already talked to Pol last Sunday, even before doing it on TV, and we cleared things up between us."

What did he tell you?

"That from his position, it was impossible to see me, and I can't argue with that."


But, from the telemetry, it's clear that I fell because of that contact, not before, as someone claimed. In the end, we're brand mates. It was also bad luck.”

Pol didn't do anything wrong?

That wasn't his normal trajectory. In the first lap, he had come wide at Turn 4 and, in fact, Mir had passed him. If you make a mistake, you have to expect that someone will try to take advantage and pass you. From my point of view, a rider doesn't need to cross his fingers or be careful when passing inside another who has made a mistake. He's the one who has to understand that someone could pass him  and be careful."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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