MotoGP, Morbidelli hopes to tone down the controversy and focus on the GP

"I didn't want revenge on Zarco, I consider him a friend. I respect the decision of the Stewards; the chapter is closed”


Now that the Stewards have decided on Zarco's penalty, making him start from the pit race on Sunday, Franco Morbidelli wants to tone down the controversy and leave everything behind to focus on the GP.

“I respect the decision of the Stewards - he explained - I said he deserved punishment because he made a mistake, but it is not up to me to say what it should be. The Stewards do their job and I cannot comment on their work ”.

Were you somehow surprised by their decision?

"I don't care too much, in the sense that that accident is part of the past for me. Since I gave my opinion on what happened, I closed the chapter and it opened for the Stewards. It is their job to analyse what happened and decide whether or not to give a sanction, mine is to lead”.

Didn't you expect anything, then?

“I didn't want any revenge on Johann, as some have claimed. I used strong words against him on Sunday, but only because I had just risked my life at 300 kilometres per hour. I have known Zarco since we were children, we rode together in minibikes, so I have a feeling of friendship towards him. I just asked for him to be penalized for making a mistake. Now I will continue to concentrate on doing my job to my best ”.

What effect did it have on you to go back to the accident site today?

“It wasn't a shock because I didn't crash because of my mistake. But I went through it alone, I think it will be different when it happens together with other bikes. You remember what happened and they are not good memories, I don’t know how I will react. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to do a few laps with other riders to see how I feel ”.

Have you thought about turning to a mental coach, like other riders do?

"I certainly need psychological help, but not for this type of problem (laughs)".

Physically how do you feel?

“Well, I didn't have any major problems riding. Fortunately, this is not a very demanding circuit, except in braking. I managed to be fast, especially with the new tyres, but in the afternoon, it didn't go badly even with the medium rear. Of course, I don't have the best pace and I'm not even the fastest on the flying lap, but we know this is a difficult track for Yamaha ”.

What do you expect from this weekend?

“That it is more difficult than the previous one, because the riders are even closer. But today I took a step forward ”.

Quartararo complained of brake problems, did you have them as well?

“Here braking is always a problem because the temperatures of the systems are high, especially when you are in a group. I didn't have any particular problems, but on this track, we always keep an eye on the temperatures ".




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