MotoGP, Vinales no 'miracle worker' as his Yamaha always has problems in the race

"Like this it's hard to find motivation, I could win but everyone is faster than us on the straight. Risks are part of the sport, there's no point in worrying"


Maverick Vinales was furious after the race at the Red Bull Ring, but in his case the accident caused by Zarco had nothing to do with his fury. Although the Spaniard too, like Valentino, was touched by Morbidelli's bike, that episode did not particularly bother him.

"I only saw in the replay how close the bike passed me - he said - I protected myself with my hands because I saw pieces of motorcycles flying all over the place, but then I immediately started pushing again because I didn't want Valentino to pass me. We all know that there are risks when you race, there is no point in worrying and I have no other comments to make ”.

His target is the Yamaha…

“It is difficult to speak after two consecutive races in which I had technical problems on my bike - he said - I had the pace to fight for the podium, but it is difficult to race like this and think about fighting for the title. I give my best, but today it was impossible to fight against the Suzukis, the Ducatis and all the other bikes. It's frustrating, on the straight we just don't go. It's the same story every time, the only moment I was able to show my potential was for one lap in qualifying. "

As usual, Vinales has no answer as to the source of his problems.

"It's difficult to explain what happens, sometimes I lose grip, today both at the front and at the rear - he continued - It's also difficult for me to understand what happens, but it seems to me that all the other bikes are one step ahead of us. The only one I was able to fight with today was Quartararo, the others are too fast on the straight. At the moment I just want to think that these two races will pass in Austria to return to having fun on tracks that are more congenial to us ”.

Maverick, at the second start, also had a mechanical problem...

“With the clutch - he explained - it was also slipping on the straight, in fact I raised my hand to warn the other riders because the bike was not moving forward. I was thinking of returning to the pits and retiring when, after 3 laps, the situation improved and from then on I was able to recover”.

But only up to 10th place…

“It is difficult to find the reasons. Only in practice and qualifying can I give my best, because something always happens in the race. I’m not even thinking about the championship, it’s hard to believe you can win it with all these problems. If the bike goes well I can fight for the victory, but I can't work miracles if we have problems ”.

Like today…

“Yesterday the bike was perfect, today it was difficult to ride - he said - Only Valentino seems to suffer less, but if I didn't have these problems I could fight for the victory. This race and the one in Brno were two opportunities to score points and we didn't take advantage of them. I can only wait for my moment, even if it is difficult to accept that I can only give my best on Saturday ”.


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