MotoGP, Puig: “We don’t have a sure date for Marquez’s return.”

“We've had a lot of highs with Marc, we have to accept the lows.Yamaha’s request to intervene on the engines? That’s their problem.”


The only thing that’s certain is that we’ll have to wait to see Marquez return to his Honda. But no one knows when. In an interview with Sky, Alberto Puig, HRC’s team manager, did not resolve the doubts about the conditions of his champion.

 He certainly won’t be in Austria next week either.

 “I can’t say if he’ll be in Misano. We don’t have a precise date in mind. He’s injured, and he has to take time to heal,”  were his (few) words. “When you’ve been racing for many years, you know these situations, when your top rider isn’t well.  In sports, there are highs and lows. We’ve had many highs with Marc. When there’s a negative moment, we have to accept it.

Puig did not even express himself much regarding Yamaha’s request to the MSMA to be able to intervene on its engines after the problems encountered.

That’s Yamaha’s problem. We have nothing more to say,” was his terse response.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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