MotoGP, LATEST NEWS - Andrea Dovizioso set to quit Ducati at the end of the year

Manager Battistella: "It's a reflection he had been having for some time, he wants to focus on the races". Ciabatti: "It's a shame, but I expected it"


 “Thanks, it was nice, but it makes no sense to continue”, with these words Simone Battistella has made official Andrea Dovizioso's decision to leave Ducati. After eight years their paths will divide.

Today an important meeting was expected between the Borgo Panigale manufacturers and the Dovi manager and it was black smoke that came out.

"These are reflections that we have been making for some time and we feel more serene in taking it now. We have taken a decision now. Decisions of this type are made by evaluating different parameters, they are reflections that are based on many parameters. Andrea simply felt the need to make this decision to concentrate on the races” explained Simone Battistella to the microphones of Sky TV.

This does not mean that Dovizioso will retire: "Andrea will continue if he has a valid prospect"

Paolo Ciabatti, Ducati's sporting director, also spoke: “It's a shame, we were together for 8 years, we won together and we will do it again. Unfortunately, there were not the conditions to continue this relationship. Our desire is to get the most out of it. It was Andrea who told us not to negotiate, there isn't much to add. We cannot be happy at the moment, but I want to look at the positive side of this relationship in which we have achieved extraordinary results ”.

However, it was not a bolt from the blue: "I expected it" said Ciabatti.


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