MotoGP, Morbidelli like Vinales: also used his 5th engine

Yamaha hasn’t yet figured out the M1 engine's problems, but Franco in Brno mounted his last available one, Rossi and Quartarato at their 4th


It’s now clear that there’s something wrong with the Yamaha engine. During the two GPs in Jerez, Morbidelli and Rossi (in the race) and Vinales (in qualifying) had technical problems. They’re working to understand them in Iwata, even if the cause is not yet clear, like team manager Massimo Meregalli explained to us recently. 

However, the situation seems troubling and, if Vinales has already used his 5th and last engine available in the second Grand Prix of the season, Franco Morbidelli did so in Brno. The engine removed from availability is the one that stopped working two weeks ago at Jerez.

Rossi’s and Quartararo’s situation is slightly better. They’ve already used four engines.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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