MotoGP, Pol Espargarò furious about cancelled lap time

"They took away my best time and I'm very pissed off about it, I paid for someone else's bad job. Crutchlow was on the ground, it was also dangerous"


Just one look at the face of Pol Espargarò and you can see exactly what his voice will clarify after a few seconds: “I'm pissed off”. The KTM rider had his best lap cancelled because the yellow flag was displayed due to Crutchlow's crash, the problem is that the Spaniard did not even notice the flag and the fault lies with the race marshals, who exhibited in an invisible place.

"This morning I went well, I went straight through into Q2 – he began - In qualifying I was fast with the first tyre, but I felt I could improve, I was confident".

Instead what happened?

"Everything went well up to the yellow flag, it's a pity I didn't see it at all, because they showed it in the middle of two corners. That's why I'm pissed off, we just talked about it in the Safety Commission, and the marshals did a bad job. This was my best qualifying with the KTM, I should be at the press conference and tomorrow start from 2nd position, instead it will be 6th ”.

It is still a good position...

“It is, but I think it's unfair to take a time away like this when you risk your life doing it. I've been fighting for years, I fought today to make that lap and I paid for a mistake that wasn't mine. The marshals have to do a good job, instead they displayed the flag in a point away from the track and between two corners. In the images on TV you have to zoom in to see it, imagine a rider going at that speed. I say more, I was alone on my first lap with that tyre, I could have done another one, but I was happy with my time, if I had seen the flag I would have slowed down and I would have tried the next lap. But this is not the only problem ".

What is the other?

“Cal was on the ground, in the escape route. At that moment I was risking so much, I could have crashed. The yellow flag rule is right, it is made for the safety of the riders and we all agree, but it must be applied correctly ".

Will you protest against this decision?

"I will, but now the decision has been made and I don't think whoever did it will apologize and give me back that time, I've never seen that happen. I only ask that they admit the mistake and understand how they can improve. We talked about it in the Safety Commission and today I paid for the mistake of others ".

There is talk of luminous screens to signal the yellow flag, would they help?

“If they are put in the right places, otherwise it will happen like today. As I said, the rule is right but today it was not applied in the right way”.

Thinking about the race, what do you expect?

“I'll forget all this for tomorrow. I believe that in the race, however, we will struggle more than on the flying lap, especially compared to the Ducati. The rear tyre has a big drop after about ten laps and in the last 5 I think the times can easily go up by a second and a half. But I have confidence in the front, I'll take advantage of my braking ".

Do you like Michelin's 2020 tyre?

"It doesn't really work well, but it's the only one we have. It skates a lot ".




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