MotoGP, Marquez Shock News: operation to replace the titanium plate. Will he miss Brno?

A second operation was necessary for the damage caused by the excessive stress to which the first plate had been subjected. Recovery time is unknown and Marquez may not be on the track in the Czech Republic


Marc Marquez underwent a second operation today to replace the titanium plate used to fix the fracture to his right humerus injured at Jerez in the first Grand Prix of the 2020 MotoGP season. According to Honda, the plate had been damaged following the excessive stress to which it had been subjected by the rider, who perhaps in his attempt to speed up his recovery had exaggerated from this point of view.

Dr. Mir carried out the successful operation on Marquez in the Dexeus clinic, as for the first surgery. Now the Spaniard will remain in the hospital for 48 hours before being discharged. At the moment there is no further information that can help to clarify his recovery time. Friday will see the start of the third round of the 2020 world championship at Brno and at this point Marquez's presence on the track is not at all certain.

In these days, the Spaniard has been posting on his social media profiles images that portray him (watch the video HERE) in full swing to try to recover his perfect physical shape in view of another return to racing. This second operation is destined in any case to radically change the program, because trying to get on the motorbike on Friday could constitute an even greater risk than that committed by Marquez in Jerez.

“Marc Marquez underwent surgery 13 days ago and today he returned to the operating room,” said Dr. Mir. “The first operation was successful, what was not expected was that the plate was insufficient. An accumulation of stress in the operated area has caused the plate to suffer some damage, so today the titanium plate has been removed and replaced by a new fixation. The rider has not felt pain during this period. He has always followed the medical advice given and the feeling from his body. Unfortunately, an over stress has caused this issue. Now we have to wait 48 hours to understand the recovery time.”




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