SBK, 2R Racing defends itself: "We only gave something to drink to those who asked for it."

Antonellini: “We knew we were in the wrong, and we were ready to pay a fine, the expulsion is excessive. I myself have seen Dorna's men without masks because of the heat."


Among the midst of the feats of the riders on Friday and yesterday, there’s the story concerning the 2R Racing team from Romagna, which was kicked out of the paddock by Dorna on Thursday evening for not having respected the anti-Covid protocol under various aspects (masks and administration of food with a buffet).

After a couple of days of more or less favorable opinions regarding Dorna's decision, Roberto Antonellini, owner of the team, registered (since last Thursday morning) with the Supersport300, spoke out about the incident. "We signed and accepted the rules," Antonellini explained on the pages of the Resto del Carlino. "So we're in the wrong, but an expulsion from the championship seems excessive, since our only fault was that of offering something to drink under our tent to those who were thirsty."

This, however, did not convince Dorna, nor the safety team of the circuit, to change its mind, and the expulsion of the team from the paddock became a reality within a few hours.

Two of Dorn'a's men showed up," Antonellini continued, “accompanied by a member of the Guardia Civil, challenging the photos of our staff without masks in the pits, contesting the thing.  I  personally spoke with Gregorio Lavilla in person, admitting the mistake and showing my willingness to pay a fine, but we were expelled with immediate effect."

All that remains is to recriminate Antonellini and his team, already struggling (like many) with the decrease in the number of sponsors due to Covid.

 “We’ve lost the 20 thousand euros paid to Dorna, so one fifth of the sum forecast for the season is gone.  I saw Dorna’s men with my own eyes come out of the offices without a mask due to the heat. We know we must have to be careful, but this exclusion is really very serious.”



Translated by Leila Myftija

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