MotoGP, Puig: " Marquez has the courage to overcome whatever happens to him "

"We are very grateful for him coming to Jerez and trying. Alex did a really good job, but he still needs to understand the bike with new tyres"


For the first time ever Marc Marquez did not line up at the start of a MotoGP race, something that had never happened since his debut in 2013. For the Honda team it was naturally a Sunday different from all the others, even if at least half of the family was in the race, thanks to Alex.

Team manager Alberto Puig commented on the Andalusian GP which was held in Jerez.

“Marc Márquez had an injury, he wanted to try and ride after passing the medical check,” declared Puig. “But unfortunately, finally we have decided together it was better to stop because the pain in his arm was too much. We were already in agreement to avoid taking more risks. He followed what his body told him and from Honda’s point of view, we never push a rider to race or do something they do not feel comfortable with. We are very grateful for him coming to Jerez and trying. We gave him the chance and we did what was the best for everyone involved.”

However, some satisfaction did come from his brother Alex, 8th at the finish line in his second race in MotoGP.

“About our rookie Alex Márquez, he did a really good job. The target was to finish the race and reduce the gap with the leader. Last week this gap was 27 seconds, this time it was only 19, this is nearly 8 seconds gained, it’s a lot – especially given the conditions. He had a good pace, but he still needs to understand the bike with new tyres. From our racing and technical point of view we are very happy because he is learning and understanding every race at a good speed. Not crashing is helping him to make more steps and be faster each time he gets on the bike."

However, the weekend's balance sheet cannot be totally positive.

"The negative point is Marc's injury. This is unfortunately the reality - said the manager - But in life you have to think positive, it could be even worse. The positive thing is that Marc, whatever happens to him, has the courage to overcome it and his spirit is always to seek the best. This is something that cannot be learned in life, you have it or you don't have it. We know he is always there and gives us a lot of motivation to work for him " .

This does not take anything away from the fact that it was an abnormal Sunday…

"This time it was different on the wall without Marc in the race - Alberto admitted - He is almost always in front and it was the first time that he has lost a MotoGP race since he made his debut in the premier class. We have to accept it and try to overcome it by the future is what we will do. Marc is already thinking about getting back in shape and the team is ready to go to Brno and for the other two races in a row. When you fall you have to get up.”




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