MotoGP, Puig: "Marc Marquez stops here, he won't race in Jerez on Sunday."

"Another rider, in his place, would not have done what he did these days. Not racing is the best choice not to strain on the physical side"


Marc Marquez's weekend ended at Q1, when he got off his bike to the Honda motorhome behind the garage.

Alberto Puig was the one who communicated the decision: "We decided not to continue the weekend and to stop here - This morning the objective was to make first contact with the bike and we saw that Marc could still be fast - he said - in the afternoon Marc felt more pain than he did in the morning, I don't know if it's the heat or the many laps in the FP4. He didn't feel good and the best thing is not to race. We tried this morning and try to see how Marc behaved in the FP3 and later in the FP4. Honda is a team and together with him we decided that the best thing is not to force".

So it ends on Saturday afternoon the weekend of the eight-time World Championship at Jerez: "After the intervention Marc has been well, so we decided to come here to try. Now we have analyzed the situation and made the decision not to participate in tomorrow's race. We have followed the plan, always checking the physical condition of the rider. Marc has tried to listen to his body, to see how he responded. When he saw that he could not, we have all decided not to race tomorrow. Marc is very strong. He wanted to try, and we wanted to give him the opportunity to do it, we have supported him at all times. I think we have made the right decision at all times. A champion cannot stay at home if he thinks he has the option or a slight chance. Now he has a lot of inflammation, but it will pass. There are many races ahead and the goal is to arrive in Brno in the best way. In his place another rider probably wouldn't have behaved like Marc but he is Marc, a special rider".

Tomorrow only Alex Marquez will be in the HRC box.


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