MotoGP, Miller: "I got to the end of the race without feeling my hands"

“My body was boiling. Marquez? The rescue he made at the beginning of the race was impressive. I thought he was going to fall."


The Pramac team dreamed of the podium in Jerez, but they missed it by just seven tenths. It was all Andrea Dovizioso's fault, who stopped Jack Miller from fulfilling his dream of snatching up a third place. Despite the disappointment, the Australian rider sees the glass half full, especially in view of the next race weekend.

“The result is okay, even if we had a good opportunity to get on the podium," Jack began. "The fact is that, at twelve laps from the finish, I couldn't feel my hands anymore, and it was frustrating. That's what influenced me, and something I already had in 2019."

Jack then gets into the matter.

“Basically, the Jerez track pushes you to ride with your hand gripping the throttle handlebar halfway and, consequently, the leather cover comes into contact with the aluminum one. Because of this, it feels really hot, and I have to say that Marc also has a similar riding style, with only half of his hand on the handlebar. I got to the end of the race, and I was boiling. Too bad because, inside of me, I knew I would have been able to stay close to Vinales but, instead, I didn't succeed."

On one hand, there's disappointment but, on the other, there's still satisfaction.

“Personally, I'm happy with the points I got and the fourth place, since we've worked well all week and, in a few days, we'll be back here on the track again. With all the corners there are, it becomes essential to find the right set-up here in Jerez. Maybe, at some sectors, we were struggling when entering."

Finally, something about Marquez's fall.

“Today, the track was really slippery, so I had to be patient, because a slight mistake was enough to end up on the ground. But I felt good with the tires today. With regard to Marquez, I say that the first rescue he made was impressive. I thought he was going to fall. Then he returned to the track and he also managed to pass me after recuperating. Then I saw the highside, and I felt bad that he hurt himself."




Translated by Leila Myftija

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