MotoGP, Marquez: "The LCR's better for Alex, it's a disaster n Repsol if you're not on the podium"

"The choice of the second rider is not mine. I'm focused on my career. Yesterday, I put my doubts from the past behind me. I'm ready."


In a constantly moving market, Marc Marquez and his thirst for victory remain among the few key components of the championship. In fact, the Spanish rider is preparing to start the battle for his ninth world title, without paying particular attention to Honda's market maneuvers, where it opened and closed the doors of the official team to his brother, Alex, in just a few months, preferring Pol Espargarò for 2021.

“I've always respect Honda's decisions," Marc explained, "because they're made to achieve the best. In view of this season, they were looking for a top rider from the Moto2, and they took on the reigning champion. For the following year, they focused on another rider. Alex will be in the LCR, but with the support of the HRC, and this makes me happy. I'm also happy to have Pol as my new teammate."

Many have speculated on if Mark vetoed his brother's leaving, but the rider from Cervera explained the situation.

“I had already obviously heard of Pol's arrival in the team, and I said absolutely nothing. I have never opposed a teammate. The decision on the second rider is up to Honda, and I have to respect their decisions. I would have been happy for my brother, that's normal, but things don't change for Pol, who will certainly arrive psyched and eager to get good results."

In all this, those who paid for all of Honda's machinations was Cal Crutchlow, whom Marc praises, and also confirms how much the LCR team is the right place for his brother.

“Cal has given a lot to Honda, and it's always sad when a rider leaves a team after so many years. I can't say anything about this either because it's not my decision. But, in this case, I'm sadder than usual because the bike will be passed to my brother. It's a disaster in the official team if you don't get  on the podium, so the LCR team is better for Alex."

In addition to all the market issues, we must (finally) also talk about some action, with yesterday's test day that highlighted a Marquez who  was ready to get serious.

“Yesterday was a very important day for me, since I managed to put all my doubts behind me both on the bike and on my physical condition, left over from the pre-season tests. I felt the same sensations I did in 2019, confirming the progress made in the last hours of the tests in Qatar. As soon as I entered the track, I spoke to the bike, and I told it to go slowly, at least in the beginning," he said laughing.

So may his opponents be warned. King Marc is ready to defend his throne from the very first race on Sunday.

“After such a long break, there are extra motivations, but I don't think the first race will be very different from the first ones in recent years. The peculiarity will be to have two races on the same circuit , since everyone will have more data and the values could change."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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