MotoGP, Rossi's signature becomes a mystery, Petronas' boss denies everything

Razlan Razali: "I was out on a bike ride and read the news about our new rider. We're still working on it, Valentino is not a normal rider."


What's better than relaxing on vacation with a good mystery novel in your hands and the sea or mountains in the background? If it were a motorbike story, it would be even more appreciated and maybe that's why the plot of Valentino's future is thickening.

The media scoop of the day was the Doctor's signature on the Petronas team contract. Calling it a scoop might be too much, because there's no person in the paddock who ever thought of Rossi retiring. Like no one has ever denied that the negotiations started some time ago (months). So the news of Valentino's signature is not exactly news, but a confirmation, however, here we'd be steering away from the mystery novel and getting into boring academic discussions.

So let's get back to the plot of our mystery novel, which has thickened, thanks to Razlan Razali's statements, the Petronas team's number one man.

I was out the whole day for a bike ride and saw the news about our new rider for 2021. It's not at all true. We're still working on it. It's taking longer than usual because he's not a normal rider," the Malaysian manager wrote on his Facebook profile.

False alarm? Could be, but again, signing was never a reason for contention. If anything, the news concerns the duration of the contract (1 + 1 we wrote months ago),  what his technical team will be, and if he'll really announce it behind closed doors in Jerez, or will he prefer to wait for the presence of the press (and so we'll probably have to wait for Austria to discuss it).

Meanwhile, we'll continue to talk about Valentino and his mystery novel - or "giallo" in Italian (which also means yellow)-  and that just so happens to be his lucky color. Coincidences? We might need Sherlock Holmes here.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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