SBK, Puig: "Honda is in Superbike to win but I don't know when we will be ready"

“The Barcelona tests is to allow the team to get back together again, put the bikes on track and start doing our job"


Get back together again and let’s start doing our job: this sums up the spirit with which Honda is tackling the Barcelona tests that got underway today, tests that for the Japanese manufacturer represent the first real return to the track since the Phillip Island race in March. It is a special occasion, therefore, which Alberto Puig, HRC team manager and one of the key men in the new Honda WSBK project also wanted to be present at.

“The test itself is not a proper test,” declared Puig to the microphones of “When you try a lot of things it is just a test so that all the team staff could meet again and start to work together again, meet the riders, for the riders to go on track because since Phillip Island they didn’t have the chance to go on the bike. It is like a welcome again, put the bikes on track and let’s start doing our job.”

As said, Honda's goal is to win, a concept that Puig confirmed, all the while underlining that it will take some time to reach this goal.

"HRC’s goal is to win,he continued. “When you enter a championship, you must have the target to win it, I think it's normal, and this is clearly Honda’s target. We have prepared a new project around Superbike, and we believe that step by step we will bring up a very good bike and we will expect the riders to have a good connection with the bike. If you ask me when we will be ready, frankly speaking I don’t know but our clear target is to win. "

The events of the last few months have prevented manufacturers and teams from carrying out their work schedule, which certainly does not play in the favour of a new project like Honda's.

“Due to this virus, everything stopped in Phillip Island, it has been impossible to make a big step for evolution, just like the other teams, but unfortunately we cannot change this. Now we have to restart and try and go again from here and see how things go.”




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