Max Biaggi ready to go over 330 km/h on the Voxan Wattman

The goal is ambitious, to break the speed record for electric bikes and the exceptional tester is taking the kw challenge very seriously


 Voxan is perfecting the prototype called Wattman, the electric motorbike destined to try to overcome the 300 km/h wall with a certain Max Biaggi in the saddle. In fact, it will be the six-time world champion to try to beat the current speed record for electric bikes that belongs to Ryuji Tsuruta, capable of scoring a top speed of 329,085 km/h.

The task for Biaggi will therefore be to exceed 330 km/h and establish the new record, and the program foresees the assault on this reference for next summer in Bolivia, in particular in July 2021. The development of the Voxan Wattman has obviously been stopped by the emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, but now the technicians have been able to put the development programme back on track and continue a work that will be able to count on Biaggi's experience.



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