Valentino Rossi, holiday ... with a kiss and Francesca before the MotoGP

The 9-time world champion is taking advantage of the last few days before the start of the championship to enjoy a little rest and relaxation on his yacht


The MotoGP World Championship is just around the corner in Jerez on July 19th.

The temperatures are already summer temperatures and, with a succession of 13 races, practically one after the other, there will be no more time to relax.

So what could be better than a little vacation, especially if you have a beautiful yacht? In the meantime, as Jorge Lorenzo waits for Ducati and shows off his latest Lamborghinis, Vale, who’s just a few years older, thought of another type of relaxing excitement: a kiss with his beautiful Francesca and a romantic sunset on the Adriatic.

But don’t start talking about marriage: this word for Rossi is equivalent to “retirement”. He doesn't want to hear about it. At least not for now.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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