MotoGP, Miller: "I'm not Stoner: I feel more like Troy Bayliss"

“The MotoGP needs someone like me who's fighting for the World Championship. I know I can beat Marquez. Bagnaia? He's too demanding as a rider, and he doesn't feel free." 


His future has already been written. That's because Ducati has decided to focus on him, giving him an official bike for 2021. We're obviously talking about Jack Miller, whose promotion to the team was announced two weeks ago.

So everyone is looking forward to seeing the Australian who, for the occasion, was interviewed on a live chat on Sky with Antonio Boselli. The Pramac rider spoke of his expectations: “I feel I can guide the team to fight for every goal, like what happened in the second half of last season," he emphasized. "Deep inside, I'm aware I'm aspiring for the title. The World Championship needs it."

Jack's words were direct, and he also commented on Marc Marquez: “Beat him? Of course, otherwise, I wouldn't do what I do," he replied. "Marquez was extraordinary. He jumped on a MotoGP and immediately won the world title at his debut. But I think I'm on the right track. It just takes me more time."

Meanwhile, Ducati once again confirmed his connection with the Australian riders, after Bayliss and Stoner: “We're all different from each other," Miller observed."Stoner was different from Bayliss, and I'm different from them. Maybe I feel more like Bayliss. I have my own style, different from the others. Casey was a natural talent, and it was great to see him race."

Finally, there's also time for a message to Pecco Bagnaia, his current teammate: “Sometimes, Pecco is too demanding with himself ," Miller analyzed. "He had 'go free' written on his suit, but I don't see a free person. I see that he works a lot, is determined, and is a very talented rider, but every day after the session, he sits in front of the computer and watches the telemetry for hours. Mind you, it's important to do, but you're not an engineer. There are those who do that job. I just think he should relax, maybe like he used to. I'm sure that was not the case in the past. It was less about the data and more about having fun on the bike."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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