MotoGP, Uccio: "Rossi will continue and will have Morbidelli alongside"

"By the end of the month Valentino will communicate his decision to continue in MotoGP with the Petronas team, he wants everything except to quit"


Despite all the talk about a possible retirement, Valentino Rossi has no intention of quitting MotoGP in the near future. Although most of the pieces of the MotoGP jigsaw are in place, there are still some places to be sorted out. One of these concerns the Doctor, whose contract with Yamaha expires at the end of the season.

As we already know, the factory team decided to focus on the pairing of Vinales-Quartararo, preferring the Frenchman to the Doctor. Now everyone is waiting for an official communication from #46 on his future. On the issue Alessio Salucci recently clarified: "Vale has the attitude of someone who wants to do anything but quit, and this gives us great pleasure,”  Uccio told Sky TV. “He is a driving force, someone who even keeps the other guys on the move; he always has a great desire to go on, he’s amazing for all of us. Our intention is most likely to continue also in 2021".

Valentino therefore has absolutely no intention whatsoever of hanging up his helmet; on the contrary, his goal is to continue riding the M1 of the Petronas team, i.e. the alternative put forward by Yamaha in order not to dump him completely: “When Vale moves he always creates movement, expectations, tensions - he added - Petronas is not an official team, but we will have a factory bike. They are very well structured, there is Yamaha to support us with whom we have an excellent relationship and most likely we will have Franco as a teammate, it should be a good experience. It is not yet fully defined but at the end of the month, we should be there ".

Uccio therefore has set the deadline by which we will finally have an answer. Who will be Rossi's teammate? All the signs point to Franco Morbidelli: “For me it’s very strange because I saw him as a child, with so many insecurities and seeing him there now gives me great pleasure; with Petronas he is on the home straight for the signature, the path has been defined by now ".




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