MotoGP, Razali: "Close to an agreement with Rossi, deal closed by the first race"

"Valentino is not your everyday rider. We have many things to discuss. He could retire to our team, and it would be an honor for us."


The sun rises on the horizon and brightens up Valentino Rossi and the Petronas team. The negotiation between the parties is longer than expected, but the (of course, positive) conclusion is expected shortly. Razlan Razali declared it in the pages of the Malaysian newspaper BeritaHarian.

"Until now, the talks have been positive ," the head of the Petronas team stated. "There's still no signature, but I hope that everything will be resolved before the start of the championship next month. Rossi is not your everday rider. There's lots to talk about. It's not an easy negotiation."

But the negotiations are continuing, and they've probably found a solution for Valentino's technical team, one point they've been discussing in detail.

“We'll soon have a video conference with him," Razali added. "He wants to know what the team expects from him. In the current situation, we need stability. It would be good for us to take on a rider who can guarantee this."

Rossi could end his career with Petronas.

"It's possible, and it would be an honor," Razlan concluded.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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